Monday, October 18, 2010

Take Time To Craft Tuesday

Snails and Flowers

A few months ago, I was on a sewing kick and decided to make Channing my own version of "chutes and ladders" (or "snakes and Ladders" as it's called in Australia). I decided to make it only 20 squares long as Channing had never played a board game before and I wasn't certain that too many more squares would keep his attention.

Snails and flowers are not really "boyish" however I like them and thought it would be cute! He likes it too by the way :-)

Here is the finished product.
You play it the same way as the original go up.......

.......and snails go down.

The playing pieces are bees.

To win the game, the bees have to get to the hive (with the correct number of spaces).

I backed the whole thing with material and ribbon (just like the car mat) so the bee playing pieces get rolled up inside and then you tie it all together. We also use a really big dice that I bought at the teacher store to play with.

Hope it inspired you! If you make one, I'd love to see it :-)

I am linking to ABCand 123.


Kara said...

What a gorgeous game board! You are so talented! I found you through ABC123- thanks for sharing!

Joyfulmama said...

Hi There! I am also visiting via ABC 123. This is a super idea! I love making felt toys for my children and this has just made it to the top of my to do list! We are in the middle of a gorgeous spring down here in South Africa, and busy with all things flowery and insecty, so this will be a hit. Thanks so much for the inspiration! When I do get around to making this, I'll let you know! Have a beautiful rest of the week!

Michelle said...

THanks Joyfulmama.....I checked out your blog too - tons of fun ideas :-) Can't wait to see what you come up with with you "chutes and ladders" board....(do you call it "cutes and ladders" in South Africa?).

Joyfulmama said...

Hi! No, we call it Snakes and Ladders down here, and if you want to try and pronounce it in my mother tongue, then you'll call it 'Slangetjies en Leertjies' (I am an Afrikaans-speaking gal who is married to an Aussie!!) Hope that added a bit of internationsal flavour to your day! :-)