Thursday, October 28, 2010

Caterpillar craft

This week, as part of our C for Caterpillar week, we of course read "The very hungry caterpillar" by Eric Carle...........we LOVE that book and it's been a favorite since Channing was VERY little. I have another book though that is Australian, about a caterpillar and has BEAUTIFUL's called "The very ordinary caterpillar" written and illustrated by Gary Fleming.

Here is a peek at some of the BEAUTIFUL illustrations:

Aren't they GREAT! Unfortunately, I just looked the book up on Amazon and there are 2 copies for $61.00......far out! If you come across a copy in a store somewhere, you should definitely pick it up. I got mine while I was teaching (in Australia).

After reading the story, we made our own caterpillar. I drew the letter C and Channing stuck the circles down.

We then added clouds (which we should have done FIRST).

I cut clouds out of blue paper (so it was easy for Channing to see on the white background of the caterpillar..... ....and then we painted around them using blue watercolor paint.

Channing's favorite part was snipping the grass.

I'm going to link this to StART.


Michelle said...

That book looks amazing, I will have to keep an eye out for it!

Emily likes snipping the paper to make the grass too, she would love that project :0)

Thank you for linking up to stART

Brimful Curiosities said...

The illustrations do look very bright and detailed. I really like your C caterpillar. May have to try making one with my toddler son. He'd also like to try cutting that grass!

RedTedArt said...

Oh how cute and simple but so effective. Like that you drew the C out as a guide!

Kids Get Crafty

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

What a great way to practice the letter C. I really like it!

Debbie said...

This is so cute! I am going to have to look for that book.

Ticia said...

What a cute project. What a great way to make a caterpillar as a C.

Charlene said...

Cute caterpillar! And WOW 14 boys..I thought 4 boys was a lot! Hats off to you and your hubby for running the school and taking care of the boys, that's awesome!

Michelle said...

Those are great illustrations! And your caterpillar is too cute ~ love the bright colors! *Ü*