Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Only Two More Sleeps!

Just popping back in again (I can’t seem to stay away can I!). I’ve been studying hard for my civics test :-) Wondering if you guys could pray for me this Friday morning (at 8:20am!). I have all the paperwork labeled in a (massive) folder and ready to go :-)

I’ve also been working on 2 NEW kid keepsake books for you – I’m hoping that one will be done by next week….but I am full steam ahead with the superhero party plan after I get through Friday so we’ll see if it happens!

Found out today that I was also nominated for this:

I don’t usually get into all the voting etc. but think this is an awesome opportunity…….if you get a chance (or have a free 5 seconds), click on the link above and vote for my blog…..If you like the things I create and find them helpful, I’d love for you to consider voting! You can vote each day until November 8th. I won’t pester you any more about it after today (as I’m also not into begging) ……’s all a bit of fun :-)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

More Fall Fun!

Hi everyone,
Just thought I’d pop in to let everyone know that my surgery went well and I’m on the mend! I have my citizenship interview this Friday so I’ve been studying the civics test questions……I’m feeling pretty confident that I know the answers so I’m looking forward to it :-)
Since I’m feeling better than I thought, I was able to link up some of the other Fall Fun activities that I made a few weeks ago.
Pumpkins on the vine book pic
Pumpkins On The Vine is a counting strip book…………..trace the number and then use a paint dauber or thumbprints in orange paint to put the correct number of “pumpkins” on the vine. The booklet goes up to the number 10.
Colored Leaves
Match the correct word to the colored leaf card. Trace the word on the recording sheet and color the leaf next to it the correct color.
Coutning Crows Pic
How many crows are on the scarecrow? Put a number on the mat and count out the correct number of crows. There are TWO recording sheets for this one (for numbers up to ten and then for numbers up to 20).
Leaf Patterns
Use the Leaf Pattern Mat to make a pattern and record it in the pattern booklet. I noticed that when you go to 4shared, it looks like the document is blank….I tested it and if you download it, it will be there – must be a glitch in their system or something).
Pumpkin Measuring
Use cubes to measure how tall the (6) pumpkins are and then fill out the recording sheet……….the recording sheet also includes comparing numbers.
Pumpkin Patch
Pumpkin Patch is a fun little roll and cover game. All players need a game mat. Roll a die and use orange pom poms or little pumpkin erasers etc. to cover the correct number of “pumpkin” spots. The winner is the first person to cover all of the pumpkins.

All of these activities are now available (along with MANY others) in my Fall Fun Unit available HERE

All of the clip art used to make these printables is copyright and designed by Dianne J. Hook. Thanks you so much, DJ Inkers!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Out Of Action!

Thought I’d let you guys know that you won’t be “seeing” much of me over the next month. I’m having surgery tomorrow and will be out for a few weeks. After that I have my citizenship interview (yay – almost there) and THEN, I’m planning a SUPERhero party for Channing’s 4th birthday. I can’t wait to share it all when  get back………..
I didn’t get to post all of my fall printables – I ran out of time…..oh well, at least I’ll have a head start for next year :-)

Friday, October 7, 2011

A Nutty Sort

A Nutty Sort
Here’s a Nutty Sort for you! Sort the acorn numbers onto the correct side of the work mat (odd or even)….leave it as that for younger kids but get the older kids to fill in the numbers on the recording paper.
This activity is part of my "Fall Fun" pack. You can find it HERE.
The clip art used to make this printable is copyright and designed by Dianne J. Hook. Thanks you DJINkers!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Let’s Make A Scarecrow (Free Book)!

Let's Make A Scarecrow Pic
I LOVE making scarecrows :-) This year we’re going to have a scarecrow building competition with the big boys. I made this cute little book for Channing to make and thought you might enjoy it too.
This will soon me available in my TPT store.
*The clip art used to make this book is copyright and designed by Dianne J. Hook. Thank you so much, DJInkers!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall Fun Cards!

3 part cards Pic
My favorite season is well under way…….I’ve even been having to wear my jacket the last few days!
I have made a bit of a change in how I’m designing things………I would really like to be relevant to both teachers AND homeschoolers, preschool kids AND kinder (and maybe a little 1st grade too)….that way the activities can grow with the kids and I don’t have to try and re-invent my things for my own kiddos each year. Some things obviously won’t relate to all but hopefully you’ll be able to find some things that you can use with all your kids at the same time :-)
That being said, Here are my Fall Fun Cards – there are 3 sets of 6 cards. Here’s how you can use them:
1. For Pre K kids, choose one set (they are color coded: Orange, brown and blue)…….you will be using them as 3 part cards. Print off the Base cards for the set and the word card set. Cut off the words and have your kiddos match the correct word to the picture. They can check their answers using the base cards.
2. For Kinder Kids. You can have the kids match the words to the picture (like I explained above) and then have them write the words under the picture in the “Fall Match” recording sheet…..there are 3 recording sheets to match the 3 sets of cards.
3. For kids that need extension or for 1st graders, have the kids use the cards and put them in alphabetical order. They can then fill out the recording sheet….there are 3 recording sheets to match the sets of cards.

This activity can now be found in my Fall Fun Unit HERE
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And don’t forget to check out my Fall Book :-)
*The clip art used to make this book is copyright and designed by Dianne J. Hook. Thank you so much, DJInkers!