Monday, July 4, 2011


Hey everyone,

A huge Happy 4th of July to you all :-)

Sorry about the lack of posting lately - I'm still around but life has been HECTIC to say the least! This summer our student home is being renovated (so that means we have had to pack up around 4,000 square feet of house!). The renovations will be done while we are away on vacation - how cool is that - we'll come back to a new house! We have also been working the first part of the summer so we have some guys staying with us that have to stay here for summer school.

Next Saturday begins our family vacation time!! We are sooooo looking forward to it. I created a little journal to complete with Channing during our trip. There are parts for him to fill out on the way to our vacation, during and after. I made his pages specific t the place we'll be staying for 3 weeks but I made some generic pages so I could share with you. You can print out the pages that you'll need and the daily pages for however many days you'll be away.

If you'd like a copy of this, you can download it at my TPT store (it's FREE) HERE.

We'll be leaving on Saturday and won't be back for THREE WEEKS.....probably more like four as the week our boys all get back we take them on a student home vacation :-). I'll be reading blogs but not actually doing much but spending time with my little family - BLISS :-)

When we get back from vacation, I am planning to start my "I can" series with Channing so I hope you'll join in the letter learning fun (I'm hoping to have a linky each week too).