Friday, January 25, 2013

Love to Learn Centers Winners

Thanks to everyone that entered my give away! I loved reading all of your favorite Valentines books and suggestions for future packs. I’m currently working on a St. Patrick’s Day pack and then a Spring pack.

Sorry that it’s been a few days since the give away ended. My intention was to post the winners on Tuesday night HOWEVER on Tuesday afternoon we received Hadley’s Aussie citizenship in the mail (we’ve been waiting for it every day) so we decided to pack up and go to Washington DC to get her Aussie Passport. In the end, we raced down there, stayed the night and thought we had everything filled out correctly but yesterday we got a call saying that we had completed something incorrectly. Yesterday was spent racing around trying to get it fixed! Hopefully we’ll have her passport by the end of next week. We’re looking at booking tickets this weekend and it looks like we’ll be touching down on Aussie shores before the end of February. I haven’t been “home” in 5 years so I’m pretty excited to see everyone.

It’s certainly going to be a whirlwind trying to find jobs and getting settled but it should be a great adventure!

Here are the winners – you’ll be hearing from me soon.

Blog Center winner pic

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Valentines Freebie

As promised, here is a Valentine freebie for you to add to your February centers.

Valentines Freebie pic1

Valentine Freebie pic2

Students pick a card, write the number in the heart (on the recording paper) and then draw the correct number of tally marks. The download includes numbers 11-30 and also 2 pages for the recording sheet (so you can photocopy front and back). You can nab this freebie by clicking on any of the pictures above. Hurry though because TPT has now put a limit on freebies and so I’ll have to take it down soon to add another.

While you’re there, check out my new pack:

Title Pic[5]

You can win it FREEE (but today is your last chance to enter) by clicking HERE

Monday, January 21, 2013

Love To Learn (New Centers) and Meet My New Love!

Wow, life has certainly changed in the last 7 weeks! Here’s what I’ve been working on in my “free time”.

Title Pic

You’ll find all the things listed below in ONE pack (and for ONE price).

Literacy Centers Pic

13 Literacy Centers:
All Mixed Up (Sight word Scramble)
Flipping For Love (Flip Book)
Happy Hearts Ordering (Alphabetical Ordering)
Hearts Full 'O Blends
Love Letters (Before and After Letters)
Love Notes (Making Words With Word Families at, at, it, in and ig)
Love Splat (Vowel Sounds)
Happy Hearts (Short Vowel Sounds)
The Love Bug (Sight Word Game)
Beginnings and Endings (First and Last Sound)
Cookie Love (Word Family Sort (at, an, og, eg)

Math Centers Pic

Math Centers:
Base It On Love (Base 10)
Comparing Hearts (Comparing Numbers)
Count The Room (Tally Marks)
Counting On Love (Counting On)
I Love Counting (Number, Word and 10 Frame)
It All Adds Up (Addition)
Love Makes "Cents" (Money)
Melt My Heart (Subtraction)
Missing You, Numbers (Before and After Numbers)
Patterns Of Love (Patterns)

If You’re interested , you can click on any of the pictures above to find it in my TPT store. I would also LOVE to give 3 away…….read to the end of this post to find out how you can enter!


Meet Hadley …….she is my new love Smile She was born Dec 3rd and was 8lb 13oz.


And here she is more recently. She is SUCH a good baby! I am totally blessed that she is so easy going with all the change that has happened since her birth.


Yep, it’s all gone (well actually, it’s all on a boat somewhere headed to Sydney). Next Monday is our official “termination” date  from our job (as we violate the 2 child policy). Thankfully the school has moved us to a furnished apartment where we can stay until our flights to Australia. As of today, we’re not quite sure when that will be………we just need to get Hadley’s Australian citizenship papers and her Aussie passport and then we’ll be off (we’re thinking mid February). The only thing left to do is sell our Durango! The boys have done very well with everything…they ADORE their sister and really like the little apartment we’re staying in too. they’ll be more on everything that’s going on in a later post.

Let’s get to the giveaway

Here’s how you can enter:

1. Follow my TPT store and leave me a comment below with an email address to tell me that you do.

2. Leave me a comment with an email address telling me what packs you’d like to see me create.

3. Leave a comment with your email address telling me your favorite Valentine book.

EASY! This giveaway will be open until Tuesday (22nd, 2013) at 6pm (EST).

Make sure you stop by tomorrow for a Valentine freebie!