Friday, August 31, 2012

Labor Day Weekend Sale!

Hi everyone,

I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week! I uploaded a bunch of things to my TPT store this week……and I’ve decided to have a Labor Day Weekend Sale………the sale will be on until Monday night at 6pm EST. here’s some samples  of what you can find:

Zoom To The Moon Title Pic

Yep, my keepsake books are back……..this one is soooooo cute! We were learning m is for moon this week so I came up with this book for Channing and I to work on together…..I was so happy with the results. It will go along GREAT with any space unit you do.

Zoom to the Moon activity pic

Here’s a sample of what’s inside…’s basically a countdown book through space (all patterns are included)………the crafts are SIMPLE! You can check it out by clicking on the picture above.

My Little Word Book Titile Pic

My Little Word Book Activity Pic

A little “dictionary” to help new writers write common words :-) My class used this ALL THE TIME!!!! (it saved ME a lot of time too).

My Sentence Book Title Pic

My Sentence Book activity pic

“My Sentence Book”……..easy and useful :-)

Handwriting title pic

Handwriting activity pic

Handwriting practice pages………

Grandparent's Day Book Pic

Don’t forget about Grandparents Day – it’s coming up soon……….this book is a must have!

I See Stars Title Pic

This is another cute counting book that I did with Channing this week….will also go with any space unit you’re planning.

Silly Somgs title pic

Last but not least, don’t forget to check out the alphabet set of Silly Songs……….my kiddos LOVE them :-)


Happy Labor Day everyone!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

One Day Fun Day- Spiders


At the conclusion of our “s” week, we decided to have a “One Day Fun Day”……’s not too hard to imagine that these two had a blast with our spider day.

Firstly we made these spider hats…….the belly on Channing’s spider opened up and had some spider facts inside.


This picture cracks me up – he’s concentrating so hard to write his spider fact :-)


Not really a “fact” (in my opinion anyway) but that’s what Channing wanted to write at the end of his fact book.


Next up we made “spiders”……..I’m not really sure why we call them that but I grew up calling them spiders and it was a treat each year in Kindergarten when we did the letter s. Just mix a scoop of ice cream with sprite….YUM!


I made these little spider cupcakes for the boys. It’s hard to see on the photo but the cupcake holders have 8 black legs. The boys added icing and 8 chocolate chips for spider eyes.



We went outside to roll paint (using marbles) to make a web………


for this craft.


This is the poem you can see on the craft….that boys thought it was hilarious :-)


We measured the spider “webs” (yarn) with flies.


We matched web letters to beginning sound spiders.


We read some books about spiders and did a creepy labeling activity.


We learned about the life cycle of a spider……..and of course made our own crafty version.


We made a “Creepy Crawly Counting” book.


We also made a “Creepy Crawly Pattern” book.


We did lots of other activities too but I just didn’t have my camera handy :-) If you’re interested in these activities, I’ve been working really hard to bundle them together but it’s not quite finished. I’m working on some more centers and the recording sheets so that it’s more kindergarten “class” friendly. It should be up in my TPT store within the next week……stay tuned for a give away when I post it.

Monday, August 27, 2012

S Is For Sun


I’ve decided to do “school” with Channing for 4 days a week and then have a “One Day Fun Day” on Friday’s. I’ll do a post each week (hopefully) about our MFW activities and then a separate post for our “One Day Fun Days”. Here’s a peek into our first week of learning.

This week we learned all about the letter S.


Channing collected his FIRST letter card for learning the bible truth of the week – Jesus is the light of the world. I made a set of these to go along with our MFW curriculum. They are card size (or a bit smaller) and he’s lining them up on his desk right now but I think later on I’ll put them on a ring clip for him.


We stuck stickers on our S page.


We sung some silly songs (available in my TPT store).


We looked at LOTS of pictures of things that start with s!


Reading and coloring our “Little Letter S Book” (you can check these out here). We also have each sentence in our pocket chart so we can practice each day.


We practiced writing our name (we do this every day in some fashion….rainbow writing is only one day a week)……..who was it that thought a long name was a great idea??? :-)


We practiced writing S in our salt tray


and outside with water.


We made S on our writing board


and with wood pieces. These manipulatives come from Handwriting Without Tears – while we’re not using the program itself, we love using the manipulatives!


We also did some “real” handwriting…….this was at the beginning of the week……(and this particular day was a rough one!).


and this was at the end – he was soooooooo proud of himself! I made a set of these to go along with our MFW curriculum….they each include a picture to color, the capital and lower case letter and the bible truth that is taught each week.


We completed pages form our “Let’s Learn Letters” book (available in my TPT store).


We read these books…….Channing is reading them to everyone he sees! We haven’t started AAR yet – it’s coming up soon though :-)


Practiced some blending,


and put some sight words in sentences (this one includes the Aussie “mum” but we also did the American one too)….Channing LOVED this!


We also stamped our sight words (another favorite activity).




We completed the number 1 and 2 pages from our “I Know Numbers” book (you can find it here in my TPT store).


We made a pattern in our Math journal using the sun’s rays and did a craft.


We learned how the sun makes shadows and how they change throughout the day.


We also wanted to see how hot the sun really was… we made ‘smores in the sun!



It worked (and it was delicious)!


“Norman – The Slug With The Silly Shell” was our FAVORITE book of the week.


Last but not least, we completed the August page of “My Journal” book (you can check it out here at my TPT store).

We did MANY other things too but I think this post is long enough………don’t forget to check out my “One Day Fun Day” post coming soon………this week we did SPIDERS!