Thursday, August 30, 2012

One Day Fun Day- Spiders


At the conclusion of our “s” week, we decided to have a “One Day Fun Day”……’s not too hard to imagine that these two had a blast with our spider day.

Firstly we made these spider hats…….the belly on Channing’s spider opened up and had some spider facts inside.


This picture cracks me up – he’s concentrating so hard to write his spider fact :-)


Not really a “fact” (in my opinion anyway) but that’s what Channing wanted to write at the end of his fact book.


Next up we made “spiders”……..I’m not really sure why we call them that but I grew up calling them spiders and it was a treat each year in Kindergarten when we did the letter s. Just mix a scoop of ice cream with sprite….YUM!


I made these little spider cupcakes for the boys. It’s hard to see on the photo but the cupcake holders have 8 black legs. The boys added icing and 8 chocolate chips for spider eyes.



We went outside to roll paint (using marbles) to make a web………


for this craft.


This is the poem you can see on the craft….that boys thought it was hilarious :-)


We measured the spider “webs” (yarn) with flies.


We matched web letters to beginning sound spiders.


We read some books about spiders and did a creepy labeling activity.


We learned about the life cycle of a spider……..and of course made our own crafty version.


We made a “Creepy Crawly Counting” book.


We also made a “Creepy Crawly Pattern” book.


We did lots of other activities too but I just didn’t have my camera handy :-) If you’re interested in these activities, I’ve been working really hard to bundle them together but it’s not quite finished. I’m working on some more centers and the recording sheets so that it’s more kindergarten “class” friendly. It should be up in my TPT store within the next week……stay tuned for a give away when I post it.


Dawn @ Our Little Monkeys said...

Oh my goodness, I'm sitting here wishing I could be a kindergartener & you could be my teacher! That looks like SUCH a fun day!

You are one very creative woman! :)

Charity Donovan said...

So many cute ideas! Thx for sharing! I'm doing bugs, insects & other creepy crawlies next week! Would LOVE to use the web letters & beginning sound cards if they are ready. Very cute! :)

Isabel Z said...

I love all of these activities--what fun!!!!