Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Putting It All Together


Since I’m using so many sources, I decided to make my own plan book! There are so many out there but I decided to make one specific to my needs.


On the inside, it’s divided up into weeks/themes.


After each theme page I have a page of note – this is where I put reminders to myself (like this week I have to get ice cream and soda for our “spiders”).




I like to have each day mapped out for me…….if I didn’t , I KNOW I would forget something. Parenting 14 kids can make you more than a LITTLE scatterbrained at times :-)


At the end of each week, I also have space for Book Day activities. Part of our job requires that we are “on duty” for 12 days and “off” every other weekend. Those “on” weekends can be SUPER long for my 2 little guys as they have to share us with 12 other boys. There are times during out “on” weekend when my husband takes the bigger guys to do something so I’ve decided that I’ll use this time as “memory making” time with my own little ones!


In the end of the book is room for assessment pages. I have pages in there like letter/sound, sight words, number concepts and certain benchmarks. I’m hoping that this will give the teacher Channing has in Australia an idea about what he’s done and where he “is” in terms of learning.


I printed out one set of the weekly pages and then photocopied it, put it all together and took it to Staples. They put them whole thing together for me for only $4. I thought that was a bargain price to keep myself organized!

Stay tuned tomorrow for some pictures of our “Calendar Wall”.


Dawn @ Our Little Monkeys said...

SO glad you're blogging again! I look forward to seeing your calendar wall :)

Miller Moments said...

wow, it looks great!

Jeffrey Paul said...

want to sell one of these to me? i need one JUST like it. (minus the title page which has "channing" on it.) :)

Mrs. L said...

So cute! Question. What does the second to last one mean? Hsie? In between science and craft.
Life with Mrs. L

Michelle said...

HSIE......it's an Aussie was of saying Social Studies....it's called "Human Society in it's Environment"....it's one of the Key Learning Areas that curriculum is based on in Australia.