Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rainbow rice

How to make it
you will need:

Ziploc bags


Food coloring (I use the gel food coloring that I have for making cakes)

Hand sanitizer (I used "Dial" or you could use a little rubbing alcohol

Cookie sheet covered with wax paper

what to do:

1/. Tip the rice in a Ziploc bag, add some food coloring and 4 squirts of hand sanitizer.

2/. Zip the bag shut and squish it all together.

3/. When it is mixed really well, tip the rice on the cookie sheet and spread it out.

4/. The rice will take about 15 minutes to dry. I usually mix it around a little and let it dry out again after doing that (to make sure it is REALLY dry).

5/. Mix it all together.Some tips:

*Make sure you use a different zip lock bag for each color (unless you want to wash out the bag and dry it).

* If you have the liquid kind of food coloring, I'm not sure how many drops you would use as I've never used it but you could play around with it until you have the color you're looking for.

What can I use it for?

Many things!

*Try using it in a sensory tub for kids to pour and feel.

*Hide things in it for kids to find.

*Use it in I-Spy bottles.

*Make a texture artwork using Elmer's glue. Pour the glue on your paper, tip rainbow rice on the page and shake off the excess. The rice will stick to the glue.

What have you used it for?


Skylar said...

I used your recipe for coloring rice and it was FABULOUS! So quick and easy and the rice looked AMAZING:)