Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Batty rhymes

Bat finger puppets

Here are some bat finger puppets that I made for Channing this week. They were super easy to make.
You need:
Black felt

How you do it:
1. Cut out little rectangles and wings .

2. Fold the little rectangles around until they just cross over each other. Hold the wing on top and do a stitch down the middle (this will stitch the wings and the band that goes around the finger).

3. Glue eyes on.

Finger plays

Here are some finger plays that you could use your bats with (I'm not sure where they came from.... I had them in my school boxes).

5 little bats
5 little bats hanging upside down,
the first one didn't make a sound.

The second one said "I'll fly far tonight."
The third one said "I don't like sunlight'"
The fourth one said "I want to eat some bugs."
The fifth one said "I'll give you all a hug."
Five little bats hanging upside down
Shhhhh! It's daytime, don't make a sound!

Sleeping bats
(to the tune of Frere Jacques)
Bats are sleeping,
Bats are sleeping,
Upside down,
Upside down.
Sleeping in the morning sun,
Waiting for the night to come,
Then they'll fly around.
Then they'll fly around.

Hope you have some batty fun this week too!