Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I got books!
Here is a book order that I just received in the mail from scholastic!!!!! I'm so excited! I love kids books. I collect them and buy them whenever and wherever I can (it's a slight obsession I think). Anyway, I'm not sure if you're aware, but as a homeschool parent, you qualify to get scholastic book club!

I had an account with scholastic when I was teaching and had some points in the "bank" with Scholastic that I really didn't want to give up. When we moved and started house parenting, I called them to find out what I could do (as it turned out, not much since I wasn't teaching). I called them again a few weeks ago and told them that I'm now homeschooling my preschool son and they said that any homeschool can get an account. I was over the moon! CHEAP, good quality books - what more could I want!!! All you have to do is give them a call at , tell them you home school and would like to set up an account. If someone tells you they don't do that, ask to be transferred to someone else because they do! You have to call your home school something (I called mine Michelle's Day School) and they will send out the book club order form in about 5 days. The first time you order, you have to actually mail in your order but after that, you can do it all online.

I am so happy!!!!!


phasejumper said...

That sounds like me! I have a bazillion children's books! After I quit teaching to stay home, I volunteered to do the book orders for my teacher friends so I could get all the points! Win Win!!