Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall is here!

Fall sensory tub

I've been seeing sensory tubs for quite a while on lots of blogs but have never made one myself. Due to the fact that they looks like HEAPS of fun, I decided to make one. Check here and here to see where I got my inspiration.

I just know Channing is going to LOVE playing in it. Here is a close up of some of the goodies inside.

1/. Autumn colored rice (brown, purple, orange, yellow and burgundy).

2/. Pinecones which I found at Target for $1.

3/. Little glass pumpkins that I found at Michaels.

4/. Two tall scarecrows that I couldn't resist (also from Michaels).

5/. Little wooden ssquirrels and scarecrows that were already painted. I found these for 29 cents each at Michaels.

6/. Orange sparkly pom poms found at Jo-Ann's for $1

7/. A little toy squirrel

8/. Two fabric acorns

9/. Two little pumpkin jars that I found at target (they came in a pack of 6 for $1).

10/. Fall leaves

11/. Scoops and things Channing can pour with.

I can't wait to see his face tomorrow when he sees it. I want to play too!