Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Square Mini Shape Book

This will soon be available in my TPT store.

Thanks you so much DJInkers for the beautiful clip art!


Mara said...

These books are so cute :) This square one...the first page has "circle" instead of "square". Do you have to change it or is there a way that I can change it?

Thank you for sharing these!

Michelle said...

I fixed it :-)

Kreative in Kinder said...

I love this! Thanks!

<>< Crystal

Jennifer J said...

This book says it has been deleted from 4Shared. I got all the rest of them today, but this one doesn't seem to exist anymore. Can you help me out? Thank you! And thanks for creating this great resource for all of us!

Michelle said...

Hi's there - I just checked the link! Make sure you click on THIS page though and not your email version (or it won''t work.......I took it down to fix an error and apparently it was during that time that everyone got their email (with the broken link) click on this page and you should be fine :-)