Monday, September 19, 2011

I Can.........Letter A and A Reality Check!

OK, here's the deal with my "I Can" series..........I was planning to post a letter each week (with a letter post, math post, poetry post, science post and a fun post).........but have come to realize that with my CRAZY life (having a full time job, living with 14 boys and running after my own little ones), that is NEVER going to happen! Just to get the pictures and links up for this post took a few hours!
My aim in doing this was to have fun with Channing and not be tied to the computer.....sooooooo, in order to take the pressure off me (and not feel like I'm disappointing people).....I will post each letter as we do it but will provide you with SOME of the resources now.
I have already done the Little Letter Books for every letter.........I'll be posting 1 per day so you can use them with your kiddos whenever you do that letter! I will also post the vocab cards (Which are also See trace and Make cards) for each letter at the same time (you can see the uses for them below)..............
The other letter activities - math printables, poetry science and fun will be posted as we do them.
Anyway, I'm sharing this with you in hope that some things I use may help you out too. Use whatever you find helpful......and I'd love a comment if you do use something :-)

The pocket chart printables include the "starts with" words, the capital letter that goes at the top of the pocket chart and the little letters that go at the end of the sentence. You will find the picture cards (vocab cards) a little bit further down the page.

My color books were such a huge success that I decided to make one for each letter of the alphabet. The vocab cards and pocket chart printables can be used to make the same book but in a pocket chart (and color) version. You can find these in my TPT store.

See, Trace and Make is till here! It's a favorite of Channing's, so I kept it.....with a bit of a difference. There is a LOT of printing involved in this whole series, so I tried to make multi use things wherever I could. The vocab cards that now go with the See, Trace and Make cards are re-useable............use them on the See, Trace and Make mats, use them in the pocket chart, use them for the Letter Splat Mat and use them for Write The Room.

Here are the Letter Splat Mats.........(sorry about the "rasin" spelling error!). You can see we used the vocab cards to make a word at the bottom of the page. I am selling the Splat Mats at my TPT store. You can purchase them by clicking on the picture above.

Here is the Write The Room page. I won't be doing this with Channing this year but the goal is to use the vocab words (stick them all around the room on walls etc) and your child goes around, finds them and writes them on the re-useable (laminated) Write The Room page with a dry erase marker.


Kreative in Kinder said...

This is amazing! We are learning the letter A this week. Perfect! I totally understand juggling everything. Sometimes I just feel like a clown who has dropped all of my balls. Best of luck!
<>< Crystal

Annette W. said...

Imagine can't do it all!!! Take your time and take care of your family first! :)

kimbersk said...

This is AMAZING Michelle!!! Thanks SO much for sharing with us :)


Beth- the mama bee said...

Thanks so much. I love the A book and will be using it with my preschoolers. I will share your blog with my parents and hope they will complete some of your other activities on their own. Thanks! Beth

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful, and I have no idea how you do it all! I feel like I am swamped with a part time teaching job, my 3 children, and of course, my husband! : )

Maybe if you needed help with a certain letter, you could do a linky thingy. (I am not so great at that stuff, but I hope you know what I mean.) You know, then readers could post their favorite books, poems etc. about that letter.

Oh, and have you read "The Wise Enchanter, A Journey through the Alphabet"? I am reading it to my almost 6 year old daughter, and she loves it! Each chapter is like a discovery of another letter!



kinderdi said...

Thanks so much for sharing all of your work! I really appreciate it!