Thursday, September 29, 2011

Number One!

Number one pic

Here are the Number One pages I created for our “I Can” series. On the first page, kids can rainbow write the letter, stamp the letter and create a little craft (there’s a little rhyme that goes along with it). There is also a little “Number 1” book……similar to my “Little Letter Books” but I made this one to staple right onto the page.

On the second page, kids can trace the number, the word, color one picture and draw one picture. If you’d like a copy, click on the picture above.

Over the weekend, I posted “My Printables” page…..I hope you didn’t miss it but I posted all 26 of the “Little Letter” books……..

We’ve had a rather busy week with two new kids enter out home and another two make rather dramatic exits…’s been tough! I’m definite;y looking forward to this weekend (we’re off AND it’s our anniversary!!!!)!


tmarie said...

Thanks for sharing! This will go well with our number unit!
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Holly said...

I hope you and Mike had a great anniversary! (You're amazing, by the way!)