Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Blogging Top Ten!

Top 10 TBA

Thanks so much to Ms. Patterson and Mrs. L who nominated me..........you guys are so sweet! :-)
In order to pass this on, here are 10 blogs that I MUST READ (usually a number of times a day)..........


If you are a PreK teacher, you MUST check out Carisa's Blog. I kinda stumbled across it when I first started blogging (almost a year ago) and have learned something new every day from her! Thanks Carisa for all you do and for your giving heart!

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FULL of wonderful theme ideas - are you serious - this mama is AMAZING!!!

Live, Learn, Love

Annette has great things to say about everything.............I especially LOVE all the book reviews she gives :-)

Check out Miller Moments for some COOL learning!

Dawn is a sweet, sweet lady and she makes the CUTEST preschool packs! She has a firefighter one coming soon, so make sure you don't miss it!

Stay And Play

Holly is a creative genius! I LOVE all the things she creates :-)

Sippy Cup Central

Check out Karen's blog for all the fun things she does at home with her girls.

Maureen's Blog is AMAZING! She has some super cute preschool ideas :-)

totally tots

I love EVERYTHING about Totally Tots....it has EVERYTHING!! Craft, themes, Bible verses - you name it, it's there (and so is the quality)!

Time 4 Kindergarten

I learn something new every day at Time 4 Kindergarten - check it out!


Annette W. said...

Thank you, Michelle! I love to come visit you, too!!

Holly said...

Thanks Michelle! You're one of my favorite sites to visit too, plus you're a thoughtful friend!