Thursday, September 8, 2011

Splat Mats

I created Splat Mats as a fun way for Channing to learn letters and numbers.

Basically what you do is make the letter/number out of play dough, make it out of other manipulative's (dried beans, pasta, marshmallows etc) and then down the bottom, splat some play dough and stamp a word beginning with the focus letter (or a number word if using the number mats).
The stampers that we use are these ones. I LOVE them and so does Channing!

We will be using these mats a LOT in our "I Can" series so I wanted to draw your attention to them now. I will be offering word cards to go along with each letter for free on my blog as we get through each letter.

If you are interested, I am selling my Splat Mats at my TPT store. Usually I sell each set separately fro $4.00 but I wanted to offer you guys a discount (which will be good until Monday ONLY!).........I have lowered the price of each set to $2.25 so you can get both for $5.00!! Click here for the Letter Splat Mats and here for the Number Splat Mats.

I think that's a pretty good deal :-) Hurry over and check them out!


The Atkinson Family said...

Thank you so much for the splat mats!!!! And everything else you have done.. You are so very talented and I am so greatful that you share your talents..
Hope all is well..
Thanks a ton Christina