Thursday, September 22, 2011

Shape Book

This will sopon be available in my TPT store.

Thank you DJInkers for the great clip art!


Kinderpond said...

Another awesome share!


Lynn said...

This is fantastic! I found a link to you as I was wondering around pinterest a couple nights ago on my phone. We just started having our nanny "teach" our two-year old so I have been on the hunt for preschool material and fun things for them to do. I'm so excited about your site and your ideas and projects! Fun stuff! Thank you so much!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,

You have been so generous to share all of the shape books! Would you be able to change the wording in the latest one to say ellipse for the oval and rhombus for the diamond? You have no idea how much my kids have enjoyed these and how it has helped them learn the shapes. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Michelle said...

Hi Deanna,
Yes, I was thinking about that this afternnon....I will try hard to get it done tomorrow for you :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,

You are amazing! No rush...just when you have spare time (Ha!). THANKS again....I really do appreciate it!