Friday, September 14, 2012

Kindergarten Common Core

Have you guys checked out this new book?



This AWESOME 600 page Kindergarten Common Core resource is dedicated to helping you meet the common core standards in your classroom!  The workbook includes worksheets, center activities and posters that are broken up by each standard for Language Arts and Math. Not only are there TONS of activities but the graphics are adorable (most of them are Scrappin Doodles) which is perfect for little learners :-) I downloaded the preview and was quite impressed by what I saw. My favorite activity (included in the preview) was the  number cards 1-10 . Number word, tally mark and object(s) were all used to show the number and the kids can match all the cards together to show a particular number.

If you’re a Kindergarten teacher who has just started using common core standards, then this is a MUST HAVE! It’s currently $39.99 and well worth the money!  Jump over to their Kindergarten Common Core workbook page to check it out! Better yet, if you’re a blogger and you blog about this book, you can get one for FREE until tomorrow. Go here to read the details……..sooooo worth it!


Mark Luchauer said...

Thanks for your awesome blog post! Teachers, check out the Kindergarten Common Core Activities!