Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fall Fun–A Kindergarten Common Core Aligned Unit

Hi everyone,

What a week! I started off with a little cold and then took a quick trip to labor and delivery last night as I was having some weird pains…….not to worry though, everything is fine :-)

I’ve been TRYING to get my new fall fun unit out and I FINALLY got there! We’ll be using these activities over the next few weeks so you’ll get to see LOTS of pictures.

Fall Fun title pic

This unit is MASSIVE!!!!! It is 184 pages long! So long in fact that I didn’t have the space to add my usual craft activities. I’m HOPING to come out with a “Fall Literature Fun” pack soon that will include loads of craftiness and writing activities. I’ve had LOTS of emails asking about the fall activities that were previously available on my blog….they’re all in here along with MANY others. Check out what you can find.

Fall fun activity pic1

Language Arts:
I have, Who Has? (alphabet - upper and lowercase letters included)
Colored Leaves Pocket Chart (includes 2 response papers and 2 emergent readers)
Fall Fun Cards (matching words/pictures and ABC order - 4 response papers)
Nuts About Letters (Upper/Lowercase Letters)
Scarecrow Stampin' (upper/lowercase Letters)
Corny Beginnings (Beginning sounds)
Find and Write (Write the Room)
See it, Make it, Write it
Raking up! (Sight word game like "Boo")
Spinning for Sight Words (A Spin and Dot Activity)
Pumpkin Roll and Dot (Upper and Lowercase Letters Included)

Fall Fun Math pic

A Nutty Sort (Odd/Even)
Counting Crows (Addition)
How Many Seeds? (Counting)
Pumpkin Pie (10 Frames)
Falling for Numbers (Counting Numbers)
Falling Leaves (Counting)
Leaf Counting
Addition Acorns (Making Numbers 1-10)
Math Write the Room (Includes 10 Frames)
Measuring Rakes (Measuring)
Pumpkin Patch (Roll and Cover)
Pumpkin Pickin' Time (Time)
What Comes Before?
What Comes After?
Leaf Patterns

Fall Fun activity pic4

Emergent Readers:
Pumpkins in a Wagon
Leaf Patterns
I See Leaves
Graphic Organizers:

Posters and Worksheets included for:
Fruit and Vegetable Sort

Detailed instructions, common core standards and recording papers (INCLUDING many that are differentiated) are included for EVERY activity!
I have used lots of clip art which is all copyright and credit goes to:
Dianne J. Hook

Commercial license # 0912168966
Lettering Delights

Print Candee

Teaching in a Small Town


If you’re interested, Click on any of the pictures above to find it at my TPT store.

I would like to offer this for FREE for the first 5 people to blog about it! You need to send me an email ( with the link to your blog post and I’ll email it to you :-) I’ll let you know when I’ve received 5 links!…..I’ve received 5!!!!! Thanks guys!!!!!

I hope you find this unit helpful – I ADORE fall and I can’t wait to use these things myself :-)


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I just emailed you :)

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This packet looks AWESOME! I love all your work!

numberonegigi said...

I love all your things...this pack looks AWESOME!

numberonegigi said...

Love all your things!

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I can't send you email, keeps bouncing back :(

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Dawn @ Our Little Monkeys said...

This is SO, SO cute! I can't imagine how long it takes to create a pack of this size. You've been a busy lady :)

Hopefully you are feeling 100% again...and we are very grateful that all is fine with you & that sweet baby girl!

Barb said...

Wow! What a fun packet! I just got on and thought I would try to win it (it is my birthday) :) My kindergarten bunch would love it! OOOOps! I wasn't fast enough! I love all the activities...cute, fun ideas!