Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Big Event!


Yay! The party was a HUGE success so I thought I’d share it with you…..just in case you have a little superhero too that want’s a fun party :-)

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OK, this was my inspiration board from Pinterest:


HEAPS of fun ideas!!

Here is what each little hero got when they arrived at the party:



A cape (they got to choose the color…….I cut them all out and my lovely MIL sewed them all for me :-)


……….and a mask (the girl ones are a little pointed at the ends)….I sewed these so they are not nearly as neat as my sewing skills are not the best).


They also got a Hero ID. The circle on the front is where they put their thumbprint…………At the conclusion of each “Station”, they got a sticker to put on the corresponding star. To complete Hero Training School, they needed to have sticker on each star.

I also gave the parents a note so they would have some clue as to what was going to happen.


I also had some activities set up outside to do while we waited for everyone to get there:


A skyscraper scene that the kids stood behind and got a photo…..I wasn’t counting on the amount of wind we had that day but we still got a few good shots.


A “Pin the mask on the sidekick” game…….(I sewed this too).


“Duck For a Hero” game where the kids had to use tongs and try to catch a duck with a candle drawn on the bottom. I got the little hero ducks from Amazon but as you can see, they aren’t the best floaters!



We everyone got there, we went inside to play a game of “Pass the Kryptonite” (a big rock I sprayed Green)….we used this song to play the game to:

After that, the kids got into 4 groups (I had a mom lined up to help with each group)…..I had emailed them a list of activities earlier in the week but here’s what they got at the start of the party-


It included a list of the kids names in their group, the order they were doing the activities, stickers to out on the kids ID’s and any other last minute changes I had to make to the activities after I emailed them.

Now let’s get onto the hero training tasks:



I made the heavy weight by using 2 bouncy balls (MUCH cheaper than using polystyrene balls), and a dowel……..it worked out great. I made the big boulder with used paper and tape (along with trusty old black spray paint).



Sully loved this task! The kids had to use their super strength to left the weight and the boulder….You should have heard some of the cute statements from the kids….”I am soooooooo super strong"!





At the “Hero's take action” task, I stuck 6 pictures of villains on helium balloons and the kids had to use the hero bean bags (which I made) to “get them”…….this was Channing’s favorite task of the day :-)



At the “Hero’s Save the Day” task, the kids had to balance over the “lava” to save the dog (and walk back across with it).



At the “Hero’s Do the Unexpected” task, the kids had to put on the glasses and tie (which I made) and complete the obstacle course:



First thing to do was to jump over the yellow sticks.


The kids then had to go through the “bat cave”……


Jump into the hoops……


Walk across the stepping stones ($1 drain mats I got from dollar tree and spray painted)…..


Zig- Zag around the cones with the egg and spoon………


Go under the limbo……


……and finally get to the telephone booth where they took off their glasses and tie and changed into their cape and mask! We used a u-haul garment box that we had from when we moved 5 years ago…..I tried to find a refrigerator box but they are pretty much impossible to find unless you have lots of time in which to wait for one (I planned thing thing in 2 weeks so I didn’t have the time to wait).



At the “Hero’s Stand for Truth” activity, the kids all sat down and listened to the statements. If they were true, the kids stood up. If they were not, the kids sat down.



At the “Hero’s Don’t Give Up” task, the kids had to pick up the “kryptonite” (more rocks sprayed green” ) with tongs (so they don’t lose their power) and fill their buckets.



At the “Hero’s Have Power” task, the kids had stick their hand in the mystery box, feel one of the things (pictured on the box but the kids didn’t see them to start with) and guess what it is.


At the “Hero’s Have Gifts” task, the kids put a hero bean bag (the same as the ones pictured further up in the post) on their head and had to walk on the (crooked) line without it falling off.



I didn’t get a picture of this one but for the “hero’s are Helpers” task, I had some “jumping Spiders” and the kids had to help them jump from one line to another………please note that they do NOT “jump” on carpet….we ended up flicking them – I should have tested it first!




At the “Hero’s Have Courage” task, the kids had the walk across the “spider web” without touching the web…….the boys LOVED this one. One of Channing’s little friends thought the web was real and showed GREAT courage by actually doing the task!


Finally, the food!!!


I didn’t get a good photo of this either but at each place, was a bag holing the kid’s lunch…it says”Hero Tucker” on the front and included:

Mini ham and cheese sandwich

A super flexible cheese Stick

A power-up fruit cup

A funny bendy straw for the juice



I made these cute hero cookies for dessert and attempted rainbow Jello parfaits but they didn’t work (the cool whip rose into the next layer – YUCK….can anyone tell me why this happened? I had some of the Jello mixed into it…..) Anyway, when the first layer didn’t work, I just made them into rainbow Jello cups :-)


This is the coloring sheet I made to go under each hero’s lunch plate…I had crayons at the tables so they could color when they were done.


The backdrop…..


The water bottles (for the adults)…..


the juice bottles (for the kids).


The cake that I made!


The inside of the cake……..Chocolate and orange layer with chocolate buttercream (it was really yummy!) and Yellow marshmallow fondant.


The spider cupcakes (I got the silicone holder for $2 a pack of 6 from Hobby Lobby!).


The take home bags….these included:


Hero Pop rocks (which we got from the dollar store), Hero Cards of virtue and my Book “Little Hero’s Flight” which you can find on my printable page.


The Hero Cards of virtue, included 12 little cards that matched each of the tasks…..they also include a Bible story to match each task so the parents can use them at home.


We Read “Charlie’s Superhero Underpants” by Paul Bright….what a CUTE book!!!!



And finally, every little hero got a certificate (signed by Batman) and a medal (make with a cookie, aluminum foil and a paper cut out) and a hero lollipop!

Oh what a blast we had!!! I’m kinda glad I have a whole year to plan for the next one…….trying to plan this in 2 weeks almost killed me….I had HEAPS of fun though :-)

I designed everything using the following clip art sets:

Papers: Cocoamint

Clip art used in coloring sheet: Alice Smith purchased at Scrappin Doodles

Clip art used in “task” signs and hero cards of Virtue: SpringHill Graphics

Frame used in Certificate: Kpmdoodles

Clip art used in Certificate, parent letter and on cookie Medals: Marie Truelove

Clip art used on villain balloons: Spring Hill Graphics

Clip art used in backdrop and Little Hero Book: Zenware Designs


Miller Moments said...

One word: AMAZING!!!! You did an amazing job with this party...I'm so impressed!

Kylie said...

wow absolutely fabulous party!!!

Annette W. said...


Rachelle said...

oh my word!!!! This is AMAZING!!!!! What a great party planner!

S. Parker said...

Wow! What a party! You surely know how to plan a fun party. ;)

Crayons and Curls said...

You are amazingly creative! My little one would LOVE this party! :) You should definitely party plan! :)

Jade said...

Is a really fun party, the children must be very enjoying.. :)

Dawn said...

Oh my goodness, Michelle! The amount of planning and preparation you put into this must be...well...an amazing number of hours. I hope Channing knows just how much you love him :)

It's all ADORABLE, and I have no doubt that all the kids (and parents, too...) had a BLAST! The cake is amazing, too!

Isabel Z said...

Oh my goodness, this is the cutest party ever! As I was reading I was wishing that I was a little guest or that my kids were younger b/c I would LOVE to replicate this. They are 17, 13, and 9 so this theme probably wouldn't be to their liking but I LOVE it!!!!

Holly :) said...

What a great party! I love everything about it (especially that cute phone booth.) So fun! I'm sure Channing had a great day!

How did your immigration interview go and have you fully recovered from your surgery?

Brandy said...

I would have been impressed if you had just had any one of these ideas in the party, but to have them all (and make them from scratch) is nothing short of amazing! My head is spinning from it all. LOL!

Mrs. Mugurussa said...

Your creativity is why I nominated you for Blogs on Fire
✿Tiffani Time 4 Kindergarten

Tamara L. Chilver said...

Wow!!!! You are incredible! A superhero mom for sure! I am in awe over all of your creative ideas and your ability to make everything.

Miss Amanda said...

Wow! That is super impressive! I love your ideas! My boys have been talking about super hero capes for a while now, and after seeing yours I feel like I could actually make them. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Super cute and quite a lot of work - I'm impressed!! The kids must have LOVED it all.
One question, isn't it "heroes" instead of "hero's"?

Carrie said...

Wow, you are SUPER creative! :) What a fun party! I love the cookies & all the cute favors - capes & masks are so cute! I am bookmarking the activities to use with a superhero school unit sometime! :)

Anonymous said...

This is soooooooooooo cute! You are so creative. I can't wait to do these fun themed parties! Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing it with us. :0)

Anonymous said...

I think it is heroes, not hero's...just didn't want that to be spelled incorrectly! Looks great!

This Mom's Heart said...

I am planning a superhero party for my sons (about to be 4 and 6), and I really love your ideas for tasks and how you incorporated virtues into it. I like to have an "adventure" at our parties, so this gave me some great ideas. Love it. We also have the book Charlie's Superhero Underpants, as my kids love ANYTHING that has the word "underpants" in it. ;) Thanks for the great ideas!