Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What's Cooking Wednesday

(Not) Fried Ice cream

With 16 people in our house, someone is always having a birthday. When it's birthday time, the boys get to choose their favorite meal for me to cook and they get to eat it on the "birthday plate". Quite often, the meal of choice is enchiladas (I'll share my recipe next week) and for dessert, (not fried) ice cream. Here's how you can make it,

You need:

A tub or 2 (depending on people count) of vanilla or cinnamon ice cream

3 cups Corn flakes

1/2 cup soft brown sugar

1 tsp Cinnamon

1TBS butter

To Make it:

1. Let the ice cream sit out for about 15 minutes to get soft.

2. Put the cornflakes in a zip lock bag, make sure all the air is out before closing and then crush them up (I used a rolling pin to do this).

3. Put the crushed cornflakes, sugar, cinnamon and butter in a bowl and toss to mix.

4. Pour cornflake mixture onto a wax paper lined cookie sheet.

5. Bake at 350 degrees for about 8 minutes (it will smell delicious!),

6. While it's cooking, you can fix the ice cream in one of two ways........a) the method I use (due to the act there is 16 people) spread 1 of the tubs of ice cream in a baking dish or b) make big balls of ice cream using an ice cream scoop (I would do this if I had less people to feed). Once you've done this, put the ice cream back in the freezer to harden up.

7. Take cornflakes out of the oven and let it cool for about 10-15 minutes.

8. Either roll (if you made the balls) or sprinkle 1/2 the cornflake mixture over the dish of ice cream. If you used the dish method, you will now want to add your second tub of ice cream over the top of the crushed cornflakes and sprinkle the other half of the cornflakes on top of this layer.

9. Drizzle chocolate syrup and honey over the top.

10. Return to freezer and take out about 10 minutes before serving.


Elise said...

Sounds so simple and I can just imagine how yummy this would be. Gotta love an easy recipe that is delicious too.

I have just come over from Oopsey Daisy where your blog was featured. I am now your newest follower.

Jill said...

Yum, that sounds so good! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. I'm your newest follower.