Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Leaf Man

Far out, overnight it has turned to WINTER here……….the boys and I went on a leaf hunt yesterday around our yard (which is quite large) to find some different leaves and my nose just about froze off…….BRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! The leaves on the other hand are still turning and will probably have their peak sometime this week…….I have my camera ready and waiting for the perfect day for fall pictures of the boys :-)
When we got inside, we turned our “fireplace” on, sat all cozy in front of it and read “Leaf Man” by Lois Ehlert………one of my favorite fall books!
After looking at each picture about 20 times (the boys were quite fascinated with all the animals that were made with leaves), we made our own.
The first thing Channing wanted to make was a dinosaur. I think it turned out really cute :-)
He also wanted to make a leaf man, a cave  (the upturned leaf) and 2 guards………..
Sully made lots of little leaf men :-) It’s SUCH a shame that we won’t be able to take these with us to Australia…..(there are VERY strict rules about bring plants, leaves etc. into the country) but at least I got some good pictures……..and we’ll just have to do it again when we get there….especially since it will be Autumn when we arrive :-)

I have some freebies all lined up for you….I just have to figure out how to upload them to Google Docs……….I’m also working hard at a new unit  - “Spiders, Bats, Owls and Cats”.


Dawn @ Our Little Monkeys said...

So cute! Channing was a lot more creative than Alex! I love his dinosaur!

I was thinking about the seasons when you move...you will be nearing the end of winter when you move...only to be nearing the beginning of winter. Nothing like skipping summer altogether :(

Miller Moments said...

very very cute!

Denise said...

Came out cute! Can't wait for your new unit to be ready. I think you should add Oh, My! to the title :0) HA!