Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas: D is for Drum

D is for drum pic


Today we read ” Drummer Boy”. Both of the boys really enjoyed it and asked for me to read it again later in the day. We didn’t get a chance to do much because:

a) We’re working this weekend and trying to decorate our student home.

b) Sully has a double ear infection and is EXTREMELY clingy.

c) Channing still has the weird swollen eye…….it’s not so much swollen anymore but it is red.


We did do our craft and watch the VeggieTales “The Little Drummer Boy” too.


I have a few fun things planned for “E is for elf” so I’m hoping my boys are feeling better soon :-)


The Sandalls said...

Did you happen to make a D is for Drum poster like you did with A-C? I have been using your activities with my kiddos and I have been putting these on the wall! Love your activities and all the work you put into them!

Barbara said...

Hope all is better soon for your Family:)

Michelle said...

Yes, I did make the D is for Drum page....thanks for pointing it out - I added it to my post :-)

Barbara - you are just the SWEETEST!!!! Thanks for following my blog for so long and leaving the most LOVELY comments - you make me smile :-)

Jess said...

Hey there. About the eye - my son who is 6 had his eye swell up real bad and get all red. Ended up that a spider had bit him. He always gets a bit of a reaction to bites but on an arm or leg it isn't so bad. That bite was right beside his eye though and it got huge. Couldn't tell what it was until the swelling went down. Just a thought. Hope you all are feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

There is no link to download the page

Michelle said...

Hi Anonymous....there is no page to download....can you explain the page you're talking about?

Anonymous said...

The D is for Drum page, like you have done for letters A-C...there is no link to click on for the d is for drum page

Michelle said...

I'm still not certain what you mean.......I did not make any pages for D is for drum - the only thing we did that day was the craft and there s no download for that. We didn't do any other activities so there is no link to anything else. The D is for drum at the top of the page is just a title picture for my blog (I'm not sure if that's what you mean) but other than the pictures on here, there is nothing to download........sorry about that.