Sunday, March 13, 2011

And the winner is.......

Darby, it's your lucky day!!!! Please email me so I can pass along your details to Ana :-) CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S - I SO appreciate all of your lovely comments over the last few is so humbling to think that even in this circumstance God can use me to encourage some of you!! Beauty from the ashes, isn't that what God promises!!! I'm feeling pretty good today - the hardest thing so far is knowing what to wear....I don't really want to be wearing maternity clothes but don't fit into my regular clothes! Please remember to pray on Wednesday :-) Again, thanks so much for your support, it has really touched my heart!


scrapcraft said...

I say order yourself some of those Pajama Jeans. You know you have seen the infomercial and wanted to order a pair. I know I do. Let me know how they work. They look comfortable. ;) Go and get yourself a pampering day. Get your hair, nails, and toes done, and get a massage. You will feel relaxed and pretty.

Honey said...

My thoughts are with you. I've miscarried 9 times. I too hated that belly that looked pregnant and no longer were. I found that I couldn't wear maternity clothes either so Id turn to over sized tshirts and yoga pants. Also loopin a long hair scrunchie through the jeans buttonhole and catching it on the button helps sooo much.

I wanted to say that a woman is at her most fertile after a miscarriage. So take precautions if you're not ready.