Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring/rain art projects

If you're looking for a cute rainy art idea, try this out. You can download my pattern here. All you need is some colored paper (I used some scrapbook paper that I had), buttons (rain) and glue.........Unless your kids are great at cutting, you'll need to do the cutting for them but putting it all together is fairly easy. I think it turned out so cute :-) Here is another art project. You'll find the little "rhyme" in my spring pack. The idea for the cute little rain guy came from my "Weather Wonders" book by Kim Jordano. This book is part of a series written by Kim which is now out of print but you can get most of them second hand through Amazon ("Stepping into standards" series if you are interested). I'm going to link this to:


Analia said...

They are lovely!!! I love the button-drops!! you are so creative!
I love your ideas!

Anonymous said...

Cute I love the idea of buttons for raindrops!

phasejumper said...

Those are soo cute!

Shannon said...

Super cute! Thanks for sharing :-)

Unknown said...

Love this! I think the button rain is brilliant.

Belledancr - becky said...

This is so cute! we are going to do this this month in school, but we are also going to do it with our preschool crafting groups!
thanks for sharing